Throughout my life, I have utilized some type of creative expression ... It absorbed my focus and energy and gave me great pleasure. (July 7, 2009)

In her piece, "What Will You Do with Your One Wild and Precious Life?" Joan wrote that she was very proud of her accomplishments as an artist.

She was always involved in creative expression, beginning with a singing career in high school and college, then turning to painting in graduate school, continuing with oil painting and pastels during very rich years spent in France, then watercolors in her adult years, and finally, writing her legacy in her final months.

Her paintings and watercolors have been displayed at exhibits at the Silvermine Guild Art Center and at the New Canaan YMCA.

In addition, one of Joan's watercolors was selected for the month of May in the Expression through Art 2010 Calendar published by the Stanford Hospital Carl & Dorothy Bennett Cancer Center, made possible through The Lauren Fund.

Joan explains that she learned to paint while in graduate school, from her artist neighbor June Safford. After marrying and moving to Katonah, NY, she painted with Ann Dolorian. Moving to France, she began painting with Bert DuAime, conducted live-model drawings, and learned to work with pastels. Back in the US, Joan exhibited her work at the Silvermine Guild Art Center, where she also took classes. In the last months of her life, she painted watercolors, at home, under the guidance of artist Georgia Young.