This website, along with the book of Joan's writings, The Quilt of My Life, is offered in remembrance and love by her family.

I savor the 67 years of my one wild and precious life, and I am grateful for the many achievements, travel to foreign countries, and personal growth. Even my breast cancer diagnosis at age 52 influenced me to slow down, listen, go deep inside, and start to cultivate peace and eliminate worry, stress, and anxiety. On my personal list, my marriage of 43 years and my four children are my highest accomplishments, joys, and satisfaction. In my intellectual and creative ledger, I am very proud of my profession as an attorney, my paintings, and now my writing. I can truly say I gave my best efforts to whatever was in front of me, whether it be reading a bedtime story to a child, painting a challenging scene, studying for a law exam, or meeting with clients. I can also truly say that I have no regrets and never look back. My one wild and precious life has settled into quieter avenues, but still thriving and surviving and remembering that each moment of every day is important. (July 6, 2009)